Patented Solutions and Technologies


The Research and Development division generates construction solutions studied and created ad hoc, new eco-compatible systems and solutions that meet environmental and social needs, cutting-edge technologies and advanced equipment as well as new construction systems and techniques.

This is the response we give every day to the increasingly demanding and competitive construction market to master all the most advanced construction techniques, introducing new ones even with patents, developing synergies with University professionals and with the Italian National Research Council.

Some patented solutions:

  • Modular formwork with quick release system, designed for the consecutive construction of reinforced concrete floors with a double lower ribbing (coffered ceiling look at the soffit slab dictated by the meshing of the double load-bearing beams).
  • "Pila Support" coplanar with reversible edging system.
  • Wall for load-bearing structure with high thermal insulation, comprising seven consecutive reinforced concrete panels, made solid with internal brackets, with interposed layers of high-performance layers of insulating material.
  • Precast concrete batching plant comprising separated and modular components depending on the needs of the construction site and production. The convertibility and the mobility of the system make it particularly suitable for changing construction contexts and allow to move it between one site and another.
  • Structural suspension of the foundation system of existing buildings. The progressive tension methodology through steel cables makes it possible to operate underneath the building undergoing the intervention. This makes it possible to construct portions or entire underground floors not contemplated in the original architectural project.
  • Prefabrication of construction modules in combined steel-wood structure. Complete interchangeability of the system with the possibility of obtaining the architectural combination that best suits the functional, structural, and compositional needs.
  • Radiant heating and cooling system in ceiling, floors and walls. The functioning of the radiant system with thermal buffer is fuelled and regulated with air rather than water, input by plenum, ductwork and/or pipes: this system makes it possible to simplify the construction of the system, the management, and costs.
  • Modular wall panels, non-load-bearing, for building with a structure in a combination of wood and reinforced concrete. The pre-fabricated modules are made up of a wooden framework alternated with insulating material.
  • System for creating doors and windows for both interior and exterior applications, for residential and commercial buildings, where aesthetic and architectural needs require a modular, continuous, and absolute linear appearance and visual simplicity of the coplanar surfaces.
  • Bucket for containing, storing and transporting rubble deriving from demolition, excavation or related operations, equipped with rapid opening system to facilitate emptying of the same.
  • System for pre-fabricating panels in combined wood/steel/reinforced concrete structure for the construction of buildings or for the enclosure of buildings or portions of buildings with a structure in reinforced concrete
    The pre-fabricated modules are made up of a wooden framework alternated with insulating material. The outer sides are completed in the construction site through a casting of concrete.
    The panels can therefore be load-bearing (generally in case of buildings with 1 or 2 floors) or simply enclose a building in reinforced concrete with multiple floors.
  • System for creating modular radiant panels in extruded aluminium, with the possibility of installation in series, both on the ceiling or the wall.
  • “Sphere” system for windows with all-glass surfaces, with sliding of the doors via the motorisation with ball wheels. The window or door is equipped with ball wheels that, thanks to translation guides and lateral sliding, make it possible to move it. The system configured in this way offers a higher energy efficiency, given the thermal cut of all the profiles, improved guarantee of impermeability to water and air, through the suitable shaping of the profiles and the insertion of extra seals and/or brushes, and a better aesthetic performance of the window/door because the lower counterframe is installed flush with the flooring.